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WILAS (Wireless Intelligent, Location & Analytics Suite) is a Wireless Application Platform that complements the Wi-Fi infrastructure through Intelligent Access Management, Real-Time Intelligence Insight, TITAN (Track & Trace, Intelligent Analytics, Notification) and Push Marketing. These customizable capabilities help you to generate ROI from the Wi-Fi infrastructure by allowing you to better understand your customers, enhance the customer engagement and increase customer conversions through 3 different phases – engagement, analytic, marketing.

Intelligent Access Management (IAM)

IAM creates the customer initial touchpoint where the engagement starts when you offer Wi-Fi services to your customers. Leveraging on IAM, WILAS could serve the advertisement timely at the right time & place and acquire the visitors’ profile information by using a pull marketing effect. With the professionally designed user interface (UI), it enhances your customers’ user experience that elevates the business brand image.

Real-Time Intelligence Insight (II)

II processes the Wi-Fi network data and gives you real-time and historic analytic reports where you could gain insights on customer profiles and behavior, enabling strategic planning & target marketing with the acquired visitor profiles & movement pattern within the venue.

The Analytic Insight Reports from II could help you to position and justify the value of the customer data to the advertisers, thus increasing the potential advertising fee based on the location heat map.

Push Marketing (PM)

PM influences consumer behavior to maximize the conversion to paying and returning customers by allowing push notifications to the users installed mobile application on their devices where marketers could set up the marketing content information and configure the condition for the message push.


TITAN is an add-on module to improve productivity and security as it provides visibility of workforce & assets for management efficiency and security and automates the monitoring & communication of workforce & asset for productivity optimization.



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